Monday, October 11, 2010

use Google as a Calculator

How to use the Google calculator?

Many time when we are online we need to some mathematical calculation,you can do this by using google calculator easily .


Google’s calculator tries to understand the problem you are attempting to solve without requiring you to use special syntax. However, it may be helpful to know the most direct way to pose a question to get the best results. Listed below are a few suggestions for the most common type of expressions (and a few more esoteric ones).

Most operators come between the two numbers they combine, such as the plus sign in the expression 1+1.

Operator             Function            Example

   +                     addition                3+44

    -                   subtraction              13-5

    *                   multiplication          7*8

    /                     division                  12/3

     ^                exponentiation          8^2

    %                 division                       8%7

choose             X choose Y              18 choose 4
                         determines the
                        number of ways
                      of choosing a set 
                        of Y elements
                      from a set of X 


th root of        calculates the            5th root of 32

                     nth root of a number 

% of              X % of Y computes         20% of 150 

                       X percent of Y              

Some operators work on only one number and should come before that number. In these cases, it often helps to put the number in parentheses.

Operator                 Function                    Example

sqrt                      square root                     sqrt(9)

sin, cos, etc.   trigonometric functions      sin(pi/3)


ln                       logarithm base e                ln(17)

log                     logarithm base 10           log(1,000)

A few operators come after the number.

Operator           Function           Example

 !                        factorial                    5!


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