Saturday, October 23, 2010

Laptop Overheating Solution

So you've had your laptop for about a year or more now. And recently you've noticed that it's been getting hotter and hotter when you touch it after leaving it on for a few hours.
Laptop's fans are netorious for collecting dirt, dust, and other chemicals in the air. Some of the things suggested in this article should help you cut down on your heat issues and keep your computer breathing better.

Laptop ventilation systems are in weird places, such as underneith the laptop, on the sides, and in rare instances right next to the keyboards.

Because of this here are a few tips to keep your laptop's heat down.

1.Put your laptop on a cooling rack (like the ones for baking). This alone allows your laptop's bottom to breath better and circulate air flow in a more effective mannor.

2.Use a can of air on your vents every few months or so. This will help expell out the dust and prevent dirt from clogging up the inside of your computer.

3.Don't leave your laptop on a bed or couch. Because the laptop sinks in to the bed, the ventilation system can't do it's job and keep the laptop cool enough to operate.

4.Durring high pollen seasons, limit the time you use your laptop outdoors. These particles are nasty and clog up systems faster than anything else.

5.Avoid smoking near computers. This will cause nicoteine build up on your fans and burn them out. And a burnt out fan disables your computers ability to keep it self cool.

6.Consider investing in a USB powered laptop cooler. I use one of these on my laptop and I've noticed a significant increase in performance when I'm using memory intensive applications.

7.Put your computer into standby when your not using it. The less the computer is on, the less heat it will generate and prevent it from over heating.

I've seen many computers and laptops destoryed because of problems with ventilation. Avoiding risk factors can keep your laptop in great shape and around for many more years to come!

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